Dirk Hartig

Expertise: Trading / Investing / Finance / DataScience
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Dirk Hartig

TLEVERAGE Trading Expert


Dirk Hartig is a veteran of the trading industry with 25 years of experience. He has worked in multiple trading related roles for financial institutions such as Banks, Brokers and Familiy Offices in Europe and Singapore. During his Family Office time a was in charge of the worldwide biggest privately traded FX option portfolio of 2.5 billion EUR. In 2019 Dirk decided to to fully concentrate on trading his own portfolio and offering educational content to others so that they do not have to make the mistakes most beginner traders make. When trading he specialzes in Cryptocurrencies & Forex Options.


Dirk Hartig focusses on trading the markets with a variety of strategies including manual indicator based strategies, methods from reinforced learning & artificial intelligence, statistical arbitrage and longterm alpha from spotting early fundamental trends.


Bachelor in Investing & Finance


  • Real Investor trading his own money 
  • Dedicated educator & financial markets veteran
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